MICHAEL W. SMITH - Picture Perfect lyrics

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(Michael W. Smith / Wayne Kirkpatrick)

Pull all your hair up

Dab on the make-up

Trying hard to look so pristine

Like a face in a magazine

Those fancy dressers and

Media pressure

Have got you feeling so plain and small

If you don't look like a paper doll

In a world where the goal is

To be like the Joneses

It's guaranteed to drive you wild

Keeping up with the latest style

Gaze in the mirror

You want the glamour

And the grace of a movie star

But I like you the way you are

You are the only one I'm dreaming of

'Cause baby don't you know that I love


You, Girl

You don't have to be picture perfect

To be in my world


You don't have to be picture perfect

To fit the frame

You're tender, you're tactful

Girl, you're a natural

You possess a heart that's true

That's what I like about you

One in a million

Yea, that's a given

There's a beauty inside of you

And it show on the outside too

No competition, you're way in the lead

And baby, don't you know that I need...


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