MICHAEL W. SMITH - Love Me Good lyrics

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Probably the most bizarre and unusual song wayne and I have ever written. a driving song about the craziness of everyday life.<br><br>Sometimes I feel like this world<br>Is just one big gigantic merry-go-round<br>You gotta hold on tight or you get hurled through the air<br>Yeah, life is a three-ring circus<br>With clowns and freaks and camels and such<br>And you never know when you might be attacked by the bears<br><br>Chorus:<br><br>Give me love, give me love, love me good<br>Sometimes I feel like<br>I'm afraid of my own shadow and then<br>Sometimes I can feel as bold as genghis khan<br>But I could never live in a yurt<br>On a diet of mongolian barbecue<br>I conquer the world for a moment, then the moment is gone<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Bridge:<br><br>Let us take a moment now to bow our heads and pray<br>If only to give thanks for making it through another day<br><br>Sometimes I wish I was in a movie<br>Or some 70's tv thing<br>Where everything gets neatly wrapped by the end of the show<br>Yeah, but this ain't hollywood<br>And this sure ain't the brady bunch<br>And how this plot's gonna all pan out, I don't really know<br><br>Chorus

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