mi6, an explosive four piece punk rock band that hails from Lawrence, Kansas. Yeah! Kansas has punk rock too! Their catchy and infectious blend of hard-core and melodic punk mixed together with strong harmonies and high-energy performances gives this band a unique sound and flavor that almost anyone could enjoy. Kind-of a MidWest Coast Punk Rock Sound.

Kenny and Aaron established the band in January of 1997 along with their first drummer “Smok’n” Joe Weaver. After two years of belting out numerous songs, touring the Midwest, and opening for several bands such as: All, Good Riddance, Anti-Flag, Ten Foot Pole, The Teen Idols, The Crumbs, L7 and The Donnas they released their first self-titled 5 song EP, which is now a hard to find item.

In March of 1999, mi6 began experimenting with an additional guitarist to expand their creativity. David White was added to the trio and quickly broadened the bands sound while preserving their impact and power.

After Joe’s departure in June of 1998, Jason Meier filled in on drums until Jimmy Coles eventually joined the band in August of 1999 to complete this well rounded punk rock quartet.

The Band will be touring the country sometime in fall of 2000.

Look for their latest full-length release “Alcoholiday” in stores now! Or check em out on MP3.com / Amazon.com / GarageBand.com / xoom.com / nibblebox.com / kungfurecords.com / interpunk.com

Contact mi6 at: SumPPump Records / mi6 932 Alabama St. Lawrence, Ks 66044 785-842-6686 Email – kpeterson@sunflower.com

Band Members:

Coach - Lead Vocals / Guitar
Oldest member of the band, Started Playing guitar at age 17.

Aaron - Bass / Bck Vocals
Just a bad ass bass player. started playing at age 15

David - Guitar / Bck Vocals
The heartbreaker, Started playing at age 14

Jimmy - Drums
The baby of the bunch, but definately knows how to play with sticks- the back-bone of the band...

Source: http://artists.iuma.com/IUMA/Bands/mi6/index-0.html