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Metro Station - Used By You

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She’s talkin’ dirty and she’s only 19

Wasn’t lookin’ for love til she came up to me

You’re like a bottom pass the bar, in the street

Wasn’t searching for much but her love I wanna keep

(Pre Chorus)

Turn, turn up now

She’s a come, come and bet now

Wearing down town, LA

I don’t think, I’ll making you say

Turn, turn it up now


I wanna get use by you

Take it out cuz I swear I’ll stop it

Use by you

Turns up with the pills we popping

All night, damn we can’t stop,

Ooh she make my heart drop

I wanna get use by you

I wanna get use


She’s on my mind until I fall asleep

When I wake up she’s the one I wanna see

She takes control, she’s rockin’ roll, she’s hard to keep

Won’t searchin’ for love, I found love and it’s into deep

(Pre Chorus) + (Chorus)


[In the city of angels, she likes the candles

She sets the moon right

Under the moon light] x 2


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