Metal Church

Metal Church - Sleeps With Thunder

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[K. Vanderhoof]

Is it just the Things you see that make it all worth while

Put your God into a box and keep him by your side

Hopeless is the refugee escaping from the truth

The mothership has passed you by now

there's nothing you can do

My time is finished here

Now choose what you must do

My eyes have shed the tears

And paid the price for you

Many here have seen the light

The devil sits and wonders

The man who keeps his heart a stone

Is the man who sleeps with thunder

Monuments and shrines are built to spirits that deceive

Soft associations with the angels you believe

Soon to find your friendly guides have lead you far astray

Now you walk in blackest night you never learned to pray

In your mind you pacify

Tricks and tales and lullabyes

Now you bid your soul goodbye

When you climb that mountain while the rain is coming round

The peak is only visible on your way back down

Everyone will tell you what it is you should believe

But hearing what you want to hear will give you no relief

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