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Metal Church - No Tomorrow lyrics

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Future is somethin' that you'll neva know

Somethin' that's hidin' that will neva show

Seein' the fingers are pointin' at u when u die

Losin' ur mind is like losin' ur soul

Somethin' you’re fightin' while losin' control

You're on ur knees while you’re throwin' ur hands to the sky


All the kings and all their kingdoms

Pay the price for all ur needs

All the kings know what they're doin'

Live ur life like there will be

No tomorrow! No tomorrow

(Verse 2)

Ur damaged mind is now takin' its toll,

Changin' perception distortin' the soul,

Reachin' for things that will only exist in ur mind

Just when think you've found security,

I’ll take u away into obscurity,

Spendin' ur days searchin' for all the things u can’t find!


(Instrumental break)


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