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Metal Church - Little Boy lyrics

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Mama, I'm crying, did the silver angel warn the earth

From a blue sky falling?

Father, I'm frightened, what will happen if it falls again?

Will you be there to shelter me?

The little dot that falls, a little boy, that's all

That's all

Morning comes, I walk to school,

but something's in the air

Things have changed, there's war at hand,

but I'm too young to care

My home is a paradise, a jewel in the east

My family, they have seen the battles,

they're praying for relief

Soon to be over, my father he said, victory is ours son

We will mourn all of our dead

I wonder what happens when a world is at war

In order to win, does someone else keep the score?

I think of my future on this beautiful day

How could I have known that the end's on its way?

The sky is quiet

Just one single plane

To bring destruction

Has mankind gone insane?

What happened to the land?

Metal fused with stone

Nothing remains, nothing lives

Burned through the bone

The sun touched the earth somehow, life melts away

One city barren wasteland, a split-second blaze

The heat turned the men to shadows, the sand into glass

A master stroke of evil in a blinding flash

The sea of dead and dying increases by the day

For years to come we pay the price of science gone astray

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