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Metal Church - Faster Than Life lyrics

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[D. Wayne / K. Vanderhoof]

Hear the sounding, feel the pounding

Pain is coming, you don't know where

Blood is thick, you're feeling sick

Live with the choices you have made

Hard as stone it must be so

In a systematic life of lies

Flight or fight, run or die

You can't stand to even try

Rip it open, no more hoping

Time for you to rise and shine

I control the names I hold

But I can't fit into your mold

I know that I'm stronger than you are

In a world where nothing is faster than life

Search for answers, even after

Truth is whats upon your mind

On your face, its left no trace

Can't you read between the lines

Brand new day to do your crime

Pay your debt without a dime

Left unspoken, tales are broken

Carve a smile upon your face

Hear the phone, it's just a drone

No one hears your lonely moan

I can't change the world I see

But i can change the world in me

Now you know that the dying is easy

But its harder just staying alive

There are parts of the heart that are harder

Than the race that we run

Is faster than life

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