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Metal Church - Down To The River lyrics

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I've got nowhere to go

I've got some rocks to throw today

A child so lost in time

A kid whose mind's been blown away

He's heard all he can hear

And seen more than he wants to see

This town's all dead end streets

Signs saying what young men should be

He will take it down to the river

Face down on the ground

The day is pounding on your head

Lonely in a crowd

'Cause she's in someone else's bed

These halls are paved with gold

A combination lock on every door

The things he's learned today

Are stuck in books thrown on the floor

He will take it down to the river

Another daily grind

At sixteen you ain't got time to waste

Make some future plans

A blueprint of someone else's fate

Be yourself they say

As long as you do it like we say

What's wrong with kids today

They need a place to get away

They just take it down

Take it away

Take it all away

Down to the river

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