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Metal Church - Burial At Sea lyrics

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Black scared and bleeding

From the lashes to my soul

I chose to stand my ground

Not do as i was told

Thinking like mindless sheep

These people were my friends

Now i feel abandoned

With a pain that never ends


My blood is boiling now

On this journey to no avail

On this ship of fools

We're gonna die

Will no one listen to what i sayI saw the charts

I saw the maps

I know we're way of course

Try to stop this captain

His twisted wicked force

We're on a route

To certain death

To drown among the ice

I've got to stop this madness

Or the ship will pay the price


Holding tight the prison bars

As we drift into the mist

I can't believe

This is happening

My guts they wrench and twist

The air is getting colder now

Sailing further north

I back down onto my knees

I cry out to the lord


In a icy wasteland

The sun begins to set

I see the frozen corpses

Of my shipmates

On the deck

I pull myself up on the rail

Make my one last prayer

Submerge myself in the depths

I drown my lifes despair

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