Metal Church

Metal Church - Bomb To Drop

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[K. Vanderhoof / R. Munroe]

Dreams of the dark embracing me, these thoughts I can't control

Searching for light to set me free, from my troubled soul

Good against evil battles in my mind, the fighting never stops

Man, I've struggled with temptation and sin, in my darkest thoughts

When will this nightmare ever stop, I'm waiting for the bomb to drop

I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, how did I survive

I stood at the flaming gates again, as the flames grew higher

What have I done to deserve this fate, what have I become

Though dark have been my dreams of late, I just need to be strong

I'm going down, its my last shot, I'm waiting for the bomb to drop

I'm on my knees and I'm praying for these dreams to cease,

I'm screaming at the sky to open up my eyes

I'm in too deep and I'm headed for eternal sleep,

I'm screaming at the sky, I'm running out of time

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