Memphis Bleek

Memphis Bleek - War

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Yeah! yeah! Right back niccas huh?!

Yeah that bounce we need, ya know

Marcy where we at huh? Right here

Let me hear some new shit, yeah niggaz

Just Blaze you a muhfucker wit these beats boy

Let me hold it down though, yo

Let the hood know, that Bleek ain't changed

Anywhere in the world, I don't tuck the chain

And I walk like, yeah I need the 'cane/caine

But dawg that's the shotty, trust me I ain't playing

War, I'm ready for it to go there

Anybody that know me know I love when it go there

Dawg, and yeah that's wassup

Four dimes, all mine nigga that's wassup

Yeah, wifey wanna curse me out

You won't get me cause the chain's like it's workin out

But E's - still wit the Roc-A-Fella gang hoe

Whole crew got cheese like mozzarella mayne

Top come off, top stay on, whatever

Got rid of the five I don't like the leathers niggas!

Six is better, more room and there's more wood to cover my interior

This is war! Enough of them words we wan't war!

You throw a couple of shots, we throw more!

You gettin that money, we got more!

We got more nigga, this is war!

I warned her, man should not fear man

If you violate man then you die by hand

And it should be fine, behanded that man

That man I am and you don't understand

But I hear the talking like "Bleek where you been?"

It's unfortunate I'm in beef again huh

Niggaz is rappin and clappin I'm still laughin

Sat back in my hood and tried to live average

But - you still want me to bang at em

Stack lil paper, send a lil gang at em

But I see you wanna stop my chill

Trips to oddy earth, meetings wit McNeil

Or - round table meeting wit Hov

You want me in the hood still over that stove

Nigga, I got soldiers in Droves

It ain't nothing to a boss we'll go in your clothes nigga

This is - not for children, not for lames

Only for real niggaz that can feel what I'm saying

If it's - too blatant then it's not for you

You do a hit, throw up later, it's not for you

So - just quit you bitch, making me sick

You never pimped you only friendly wit chicks and

I've been away for a minute

Jay beat up the drum now they whinin like women

I'm right back nicca, where you at nicca?

Keep the mac nigga, spit it like that nigga

And I tried to chill, even though

I got to spit everyday like I ain't signed a deal nigga!

Mama's still in the hood, work steel in defense

I got a flow like I'm still on the bench nigga

Got a delivery like Sunday's paper

I lay that down and I get that paper nigga!

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