Memphis Bleek

Memphis Bleek - Lord Knows

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My new bitches wanna suck a nigga dry

P*ssy ass nigga acting like they wanna ride

And say it ain’t no problem tell em let’s make it

They say the truth hurts what about the naked one

Bad bitches always try to get mad when you .. shoot em back in the ..

I’ma about my pray I’m all bout my ray

You love .. you had it I’m just .. get some hey

And i love the shopping blumies

Let us in the bitch to bring my nigga up some loonies

My shawty love them booties just to keep the feed out

Police trailer than nigga i still on put the weed out

I’m dying it lots of .. on that bullshit two see the .. the blick

And that .. shit turn nine eleven buff feet nine eleven

.. nine eleven they say Jesus somebody .. a reverend

Tell em grate for a nigga them verse just the wind let em lay for a nigga

Bitches let em .. my nigga they f*ck all night

They wanna stay my nigga

Real nigga shit no we ain’t on that and I’m on the ..

shawty you could meet me where my door at

and i’ma holla back hoe she my piece of candy

my now and later hoe

and plus she so sweet she

come scoop me on the wip in the jeep

and then hit me on the henesy call her the one the man border

she freak me, she want me to ..

she said that i’m the best she ever had

she want to have my kid and he the bets

any wife any life and i flip on white night

So pick the nigga who like to ..who travel world

pick em them hoes take em about the two

with the new, with the crew, with the nail two

nigga say they on top they gas they ...or they hide

and big homie told me go in,

we was in the club and we had to look the flow in

i went to the .. you know i like the flow in

some bitches came though and you know that ..rollin

i just took a reckless i just had to get it in

get it all loud and I’m back fallin

heard about the move so you know i out some dough in

heard about the move so we can put some work in

yeah and I’m just speaking how we go down

while young freak speak she just lot of go down

when i’m on that ..

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