Memphis Bleek

Memphis Bleek - In My Life

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In my life

In my life

In my life

There's been heartache and pain

In my life

There's been heartache and pain

There's been heartache and pain

In my life

There's been heartache and pain

I'm still that regular, cetera cat, from the street

Thuggin it, lovin my life as Memph Bleek

But I'm stuck with, huggin that block, sellin that D

Grew up with, nothin but killas and O.G.'s

I'm the product of the ghetto 'til they bag me up

With a bail stash in case they snatch me up

I'm a soldier in this war and I resemble my pops

I ain't nothin like him, that's where this criminal stop

I provide for the fam, divide them grams

Cook it, make flips, survival plans

Bein successful, I had every intent

But I went to the high school a playin the bench

We live off wit, just like our switch-up strips

I was raised by the gun so I switch up clips

Gettin my hustle on, tryna switch up kicks

I won't change bein thug, I won't switch up shit

It's my life nigga

I've put work in, for me to reach this level

To let the world know that I speak for the ghetto

I've been through the struggle, downfall and the hurt

Puttin the close one, deep in the dirt

I lost one a my road dogs in nine-eight

I still see him everytime I look in his mom's face

But don't cry (ma'), we gon' see the light

I know he up in Heaven and he gon' lead us right

I live by the street so I'm a die by the street

As long as I'm alive his daughter'll never need

We used to be this close

But now it feel we this far apart, me and that nigga can't talk

We can't bag and kick it, bag some bitches

Only time I see 'em, is when I glance at pictures

But I gotta face the fact, my nigga is gone

But I'm a ride to the death, and still I mourn

In my life nigga

In my life

In my life

Sometimes I just grab the car keys and ride

With no music, I'm just ridin the vibe

I done came a long way, from usin the plate

Touchin the eight, who would've thought I'd make it today

It was just yesterday, moms waitin on the stamps

The spot got shot up, and Dre still locked up

It's me against the world with no brother, just a revolver

And I ain't thinkin about seein tomorrow

I got sixty-two grams and a six-shot eight

With plans to hit the block and get shit straight

But my dog just got shot, spot just got rushed

I lost all my weight when the crack pot bust

I was left with zip, zero, nothin

That's when I realized that my life ain't 'bout nothin

The world wouldn't understand Bleek in the street

So I took it to the booth and gave y'all the speech

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