Memphis Bleek

Memphis Bleek - 4/20

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Nigga twist something let my b*tch smoke,

This exotic bro nigga stay as rich ..

I don’t flip coke .. I flip..i flip .. with the b*ches

she bring me foe moe, I’m in the .. nigga on my ..nigga

And you don’t wanna with me you straight sex nigga

I’m buying.. I need 2 or 3

catch me in the streets 20 deep ..everybody really shit

even my b*tches rap they ... on my skinny shit

bottles poppin, I don’t need a table winning

‘bout to turn the streets up don’t’ say the label..

I got the whole world lighting up the

I got a free b*tch to f*ck me till I’m

And when I’m no talk nigga knows how we go

Couple .. get you show

Find me in the moe everything pay ..

Bottles for my b*tches tell that ..and then I hit the club..bottles for me

But I’m about my money so first we count the money

And then I pop champagne do my damn thing ...

I’ve never pulled the ..

Is cush game that’s the team nigga

. to bring nigga.

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