Mary Mary

Mary Mary - Won'T Ever Change

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All the things

We stress about every day

Glad to have one thing that just don't change


You know I'm here, always, forever

Don't matter what happens

I'm gonna stay the same

Your life, you live it

Don't waste it trippin'

My love, I'll give it

And it won't ever change

[Verse 1]

Question after question

Always wonderin' and guessin'

Is there anyone that will love me for me

Someone who will help me

Lead, guide and direct me

That's just what I need

And I heard you so clearly say


[Verse 2]

Want a different life?

Don't like the wone you have?

You've tried and wished and all that you did don't seem to help

Can't be mad at the world

Someone else is in those shoes

Then a voice said believe in me 'cause I believe in you



A little faith

And a little love

And a little hope in The One Above

Is all you really need to make it in this life

So just keep listening

To that voice deep inside saying


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