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Mary Mary - This Love

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When you say love

You use it so lightly

But when I think of it

This is what comes to me

Loving me, where I am

How I am

Just for who I am

All my good and bad

Sure you think

It's not a possibility

Something so pure it changes me

When after all these years it's still

The same

Just as strong as it was on the first day


This love this love

The only love

That comes down from the heavens

([F. Hammond:] why do you love)

This Love this love

Better than mothers, better than

Fathers oh oh oh

This love this love

This love is your love

This love is my love

([F. Hammond:] why do you love)

This love this love

From God the Father

God up in heaven you oughta know

F. Hammond:]

So you ask, what about me

Sound real good

But doesn't fit the life I lead

But let me tell you so

There is nothing new under the sun

'n' I don't care what you've done

His heart is for everyone


Everybody oughta know his love is real

Said you really oughta know

Tell me can you feel

Everybody oughta know

I'm talking to you

Please don't walk away from


This love this love

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