Mary Mary

Mary Mary - Thank You

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Tragedies are commonplace

All kinds of diseases, people are slipping away

Economies down, people don't get

Enough pay

But as for me all I can say is

Thank you Lord for all you done for me

Folks without homes are in the streets

And the drug habit some say

They just can't beat

Muggers and robbers, no place seems

To be safe

But you've been my protection every

Step of the way

And I want to say

thank you Lord for all you've done

For me hey?

[Lead:] It could've been me

[Chorus:] Thank you

[L:] Outdoors

[C:] Thank you

[L:] With no food

[C:] Thank you

[L:] And no clothes

[C:] Thank you

[L:] All left alone

[C:] Thank you

[L:] Without a friend

[C:] Thank you

[L:] Or just another number

[C:] Thank you

[L:] With a tragic end

[C:] Thank you

[L:] But you didn't see fit

[C:] Thank you

[L:] To let none of these things be

[C:] Thank you

[L:] You keep on, keeping on, keeping me

[C:] Thank you

[L:] I wanna say

[Chorus:] Thank you Lord for all you've done for me

I wanna thank you for your love

Thank you for your power

Thank you for protection, every hour

Thank you

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