Mary Mary

Mary Mary - Stand Still

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I am god

[verse 1]

Thinking to yourself that you're by yourself

Yet and still you're talking loud

But just tell me who you talking to if you don't believe i'm around

Said i'll never leave, so you're never alone

Even when you feel you are

I'm right here holding your hand

But still you think i'm way too far


What do i gotta do to make you understand that i want what's best for you and i always have?, but

Maybe you're confused about who i really am

Stand still and know i'm god

[verse 2]

You look at your life and your wonder

Why your situation never changes

You blame it on them

You blame it on me

Maybe it's you thinking the wrong way

You should close your eyes open them again

Maybe you'll see that i gave you life

And another chance to give me a chance

To take your wrong and make it right



Maybe you are only listening to what you wanna here

If you follow my direction

Everything would be so clear

I'm the answer, the solution

To every question that you ask

Only way you made it this far

Is because i carried you here so


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