Mary Mary

Mary Mary - Somebody

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Everybody has bad days

When they feel like no one cares

Call your friends in the middle of the night

And they just can't be there

I know someone who's available

And He'll answer every time you call

He won't ever leave you alone

That's just the kind of friend you should know

1 - Anybody know somebody

Someone who will love anybody

Even if they're just a nobody

I know somebody, somebody

Repeat 1

Let me offer you a suggestion

And I'll leave without no doubt

A love that reaches far and wide

That's where my faith lies

Let me tell you why

Cause every time I'm sad and lonely

He comes and puts His arms around me

Cause God's love is the first

And it is the last so if you ask

Repeat 1 (2x)

Oh I got a friend who loves me so

You ask how much I'll never know

And since I've found this love

I want to share it with everyone, oh

Repeat 1 (2x)

Oh do you know?

Oh do you know? Oh!

Repeat 1 fade out

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