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Mary Mary - Save Me

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It was once upon a time not long ago

Lived a little black boy in the middle of the ghetto

Pretty good kid but he always found trouble

Inner city life it ain't hard to find trouble

No income in the home you find struggle

2 years struggling it's no puzzle

He hit the block hard and found him a hustle

Burned the wrond bridge and now he needs muscle

He tried to let it go but the streets don't forgive

I guess they ain't heard of live and let live

But after going round and round he broke it down finally found out

That only god can save him now


Save me now, please save me now, save me now, please save me now

I'm on my knees, down at the floor

You're the one i need oh lord

Save me now

[verse 1]

I heard the story many times before/still i'm wondering

How in the world did i get here/and what am i doing

Took the ring and acted like i do/without the ceremony

Now i got three little ones and i'm/hurting and i'm lonely

Threw away my dreams when i left school/now i'm 22 never should've choose him over you



Take me away/i don't wanna stay here

I wanna go/back to the beginning

To that place/where love is forever

You and me together

Lord will you please

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