Mary Mary

Mary Mary - Little Girl

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[Little girl:] Hey Erica and Tina can

sing a song about little girls for me, please

She was just 13 and I just don't think

That she ever seen her own beauty

And she didn't think she'd be anything

And that little girl, she used to be me


Little girl, little girl

Wonder are you listening

Little girl, little girl

Struggling with your confidence

Little girl, little girl

God made you so beautiful

Little girl, little girl

I just thought that you should know

Sometimes you feel like you don't fit in

'cause you don't look like

all your other friends

Got your own thing going on

Girl you are so unique you are just

That way that

God intended for you to be


Tell you what you should do

When you get up

In the morning look yourself in the

Mirror and say

I love me

Even with all of your flaws and all of your downfalls

Just be your best 'cause to him you

Already are


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