Mary Mary

Mary Mary - In The Morning

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In the morning you'll be alright

In the morning the sun's gonna shine

In the morning no clouds in the sky

When it's dark in your life just wait for the


Someone tell me what's wrong

Why my nights last so long

It's gettin' hard to believe

You can hear me

Then you give me a sign

That You heard me pray

You let me know

This dark night won't last always


So many ups and downs

You don't know where to start

So many nights you cried

Life was breakin' your heart

It may seem real hard

Ain't no help in sight

But don't you worry

About it tonight `cause


There's gonna be a day

It's gonna get cloudy

You can't see clear {You can't see clearly, no}

But don't you stop prayin'

Prayin' for the day

When the sun will shine (Shine) again



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