Mary Mary

Mary Mary - He Said

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Whatever you need for him to do

He will do it if you give him the chance

And I am telling he's already proud

That he can do anything,

So give him the chance

Now there's been so many times

I called on him

Regardless of the circumstance

He was there

So now I devoted my life to serving him

It's me for him `cause all the time he

Was there for me

It doesn't matter what the need

No there's no limit, I'll give you anything

All I want is you to trust me

Through my love I'll set you free


He said I'll go wherever

You want me to go

He said I'll do whatever you want me to do

Now it is a must I testify and

Let everybody know

I live because of you and they can have the same life

That I choose

And when they ask me now

I'll say it's because of you


Whatever you want from me

What else can I do to make you see

To prove to you I'm everything

That you'll ever need

What else do I have to say

To show you more clearly

That I am, that I am

The beginning and the end

Yes I'm you, everything

You don't know God is the truth, he is

And everything that he said he'll do

He did new whips, new cribs

A few hits, I'm blessed with ice

Blessed with life on top of all that

Yo I'm blessed with Christ

So his heart must be

As big as Texas right

I aint thinking of the change or

Thinking of the blames

Think of the range,

I ain't even thinking the same

When I think of his name yo

I'm thinking of praise

Wit Fats and Darkchild so close in wit

Mary Mary ah yeah

You know then

But we talking about Christ

Get to know him come on?-


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