Mary Mary

Mary Mary - Good To Me

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(Chrous) No, No it ain't the way it used to be and

Yea, yea, it may be hard to believe

When, When I think about all my blessings

I, oh I'm telling you God's been good to me

(Mary Mary)

Growing up in a real big family

I had to a take what I could get

There was always a sister or brother

I had to share every thing with

I had to share my room, wear hand-me-downs

'Cause we didn't have much money

But now there's not much I long for

Telling you God's been good to me



You may think I've got it easy

And that's the way it's always been

But that's not really my story

I'll tell you how it all happened

I had to work real hard to get here

But I didn't do it all alone

Someone was watching over me

And that is why I sing this song


If I began to count my blessings

I wouldn't know where to begin

God has done so much for me

He's been much more that a friend

He's been protector and provider

Though I didn't always know

Always been right beside me

And without him where would I be

2X Bridge

(Beyonce)Whoo,whoo,whoo,whoo,whoo,whoo,whoo,whoo,whoo oo

(Mary Mary)Been good to me (Beyonce)So good to me

(Mary Mary)So good to me (Beyonce)So good to me

2Nd round (Beyonce)And it ain't the way it used to be,Oh no

(Chrous 3x)

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