Mary Mary

Mary Mary - God Has Smiled On Me

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This morning I picked up a paper

I read about tragedy I stopped and

I realized that it could've been me oh oh

That could've been my mother

Or maybe even my big brother

But you kept them just like you kept me

I want to tell you that


God has smiled on me

He has set me free

God has smiled on me

He's been good to me

Now I've been through some things that

I thought were unnecessary

Were way too much to carry

All by myself

Yeah! you gave me strength to

Make it though

I thought I couldn't take it

Feels so good to know that you care

Yeah, yeah, yeah, God


So glad I know you

Glad you're my friend

Whenever I need you

You're always near

You don't have to be so good to me

But you keep on smiling


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