Mary Mary

Mary Mary - Believer

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I'm a believer, tellin' you i really believe

I'm a believer, even though i've never seen

I'm a believer, look at my life and you will see

I'm a believer, how can you not believe?

I'm a believer, every word he says to me

I'm a believer, cuz he gave me my liberty

I'm a believer, now and forever i will be

I'm a believer, how can you not believe?

[verse 1]

We got home late one night from service

Something wasn't right, momma was nervous

She said we're staying at your auntie's house tonight

Cuz something in my spirit ain't right

Just as soon as we all went to sleep

Momma got a call from the police saying "your house is on fire"

We were sad, but alive god spared our lives


[verse 2]

On the highway minding my business

Another car was tryna get by

So i put my foot on the brakes and

My car flipped upside down

I cried, "lord have mercy on me

Take the car but save my life"

I walked away no scars, no pain, nothing broken

So now i testify



Somebody, somewhere out there is watching us, and taking care of every little thing we need, and some

People still don't believe, but i have seen too many things, tell me what will make you see that he's able

To be all you need and more

So tell me what it is you're waiting for


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