MARTINA MCBRIDE - Beautiful Again

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She was only ten when her daddy got fired

He drank away the family home and left them all alone

And then her mommy was just too tired

So she got sent away

She moved in with her aunt in Arizona

Everything was fine until she told on Uncle Bill

When he said he only wanted to hold her

She had to run away

But when it rains, the past gets washed away, and then

She smiles 'cause she knows in the end

The world gets beautiful, beautiful again

Her boyfriend said I'm way too young to get married

But she made up her mind that somehow she was gonna

Find a way to keep that baby she carried

And he just walked away

And when she's lying all alone

Thinkin' about her life she wonders

If she is wrong to believe in a better world

Then she sees her little girl

And she knows she is right 'cause

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