Marcos Hernandez

Marcos Hernandez - Breaking All the Rules lyrics

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Check the scene, there's you and me, things are getting heated

Please let me fulfill your needs, I'm sure that you'll enjoy it.

Come in close, and let me know, how to make you lose it.

Feel the flow till you explode, see how long you can take it.

Ohhh, this aching, ohhh this waiting, stop the teasing, don't be timid

Let your fingers touch my body and show me that you want me

The frustration and temptation, I see your anticipation

I'll make you see some constellations, so baby why are you waiting

Tell me do you like

Do you like this thing between you and I, make you feel it up

And down your spine

Just know that we're breaking all the rules

I wanna put my hands on you, baby let me see your birthday suit

Just know that we're breaking all the rules

It's your road, go fast, go slow, do whatever pleases

It's your show, so can I go? I'll star in all your sequels

It's the spirit that's inside of your kiss, could not get any stronger

Still I'm not scared to go downstairs, so tell me what you'd like

For me to do

You know what you can do? I want you to relax

Just relax, give in, unwind, keeping in time with the song

And the lines

I am here to flip your dime, when you get yours, baby then

I'll get mine. Close your eyes, exhale and breathe, do I make you feel heavenly

Why don't we do this thing, its all in me.

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