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Everyone is staring with the glaze of obsession

Interlocking cartels bypassing the bone

The empty statement of artschool dissension

Institutionalised expression of mass control

And if when America flings in whole

Your pile of misery where centuries be

And he does win a holiday after a poll

One per cent interest stand up with glee

Soul contamination spreads the germs of finance

Making weak minds think this is what they want

Power facts are brutally sold to worn darkened skin

Arise the new scum arise to the sound of a drum

With your desk degrees in civil engineering

They're drawing up plans for a future for themselves

And sweet daddy buys up a university

On a mission tied next to suits

Soul contamination - die because you crossed by fire

Soul contamination - poverty expressed in your heart

Soul contamination - arise, surrender, burn

Soul contamination - do you rise up

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