Mago De Oz

It appeared in 1989. Txus is the "soul to mater" of the group, was he who from a measured of that year went recruiting to the rest of components. In his first years of history, Mägo of oz curró a name like group with making hundreds of concerts by clubs and garitos of Madrid (the native city of the group). In those first Mägo years of oz it gained a great reputation within the musical panorama Madrilenian Heavy, thanks among other things to the originality that supposes the introduction of a violin in a priori songs heavies, giving them a touch celta that now as much characterizes to them.

In 1992 Mägo of oz finalist in the rock aid had left?Villa of Madrid. Two years later?Mägo appears the first disc of oz, financed by they themselves. This disc served to occur to them to know outside Madrid, expanding its concerts by all Spain. In 1995 deservedly group was chosen revelation of the year. In 1996 the grouping was established such and as today we know it. That same year?Jesús appears the second disc of Chamberí, with that the group finally defines its style and with which they occur to totally know in the Spanish world heavy. After removing the disc they kicked all the country in the successful tour?Via Crucis Tour. With the recording of magnificent?La legend of the Spot? (for many its better disc), they are able to make one of works summit of the Spanish panorama heavy of all the times. Like no, after removing the disc!!!), made a tour extensísima (more than 120 concerts in a single year part of her made with the Vine Rock 1999, with which they got to act 25000 spectators in front of. In the spring of 1,999 Resacosix In Hispaniá, its first home-video is published '. An edition for fans and collectors, where one is transformed, in more than 70 minutes, the ten years that the group takes working.

In May of the 2000 the Finisterra left, a double CD in which follows faithfuls their style and they do not lose nor a force apex. This work is being sold very many, it is already golden record, and it does not surprise anything to me because he is "cojonudo".