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Lucinda Williams - Reason To Cry lyrics

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Just to sit and talk,

The way we used to do.

It just breaks my heart,

That I can't get close to you.

If our eyes shall meet,

Somewhere down the road,

Will you stop and be sweet,

Or will you just walk on?

I thought things would stay the same.

I thought things were right on.

Then our sunny days,

How did we go wrong?

Now these days have found us,

Right here where we stand.

We thought we were so tough,

But nothing worked out like we planned.

Of everything in this world,

I guess I'll never know why,

Something as good as this could,

Flower up and die.

When you lose your happiness,

When no one's standing by,

When nothing makes any sense,

You got a reason to cry.

When nothing makes any sense.

You got a reason to cry.

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