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Lucinda Williams - Broken Butterflies lyrics

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Wear your anger well inside

For all the world to see

A heave cloak a one glove tan

And no humility

You stand inside the garden

And feast on black cherries

And swallow the mana from heaven

And spit out the seeds

You spread your anger and sharp edge knife

Cut my skin and make it bleed

Black pollen in its self-righteousness

You are a traitor and a thief

Choking on your unplanned words

Coughing up your lies

Tumbling from your mouth

A flurry of broken butterflies

Broken butterflies

They rest their wings snapped in two

On their way to certain death

Their colors gold and blue

With the blood that flows I can not hide

The blood covers me

The butterflies they are healed and are set free

I wish you had but roof possessed

That I don't expect of you

Praise and honor of faithfulness

And a rock that you refused

If you ever learned to just forgive

Will you open your beautiful hearts

And lead the way Christ did

It is the broken butterflies

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