LOU REED - I'm Waiting For The Man

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I'm waiting for my man<br>Got 26 dollars in my hand<br>Up to lexington 125<br>Feelin' sick and dirty<br>Huh, I'm waiting for my man<br><br>Hey white boy, what you doin' uptown<br>Hey white boy, you chasin' my women around<br>Pardon me sir, it's furthest from my mind<br>I'm just waitin' for a dear-dear friend of mine<br>I'm waiting for my man, come on<br><br>Here he comes, he's all dressed in black<br>Pr shoes and a big straw hat<br>He's never early, he's always late<br>First thing you learn is that you always gotta wait<br>I'm waiting for my man<br><br>Up to a brownstone, up three flights of stairs<br>Everybody's pinned you and nobody cares<br>He's got the works, gives you sweet taste<br>Then you gotta split because you got no time to waste<br>I'm waiting for my man<br><br>Hey baby, don't you holler, don't you ball and shout<br>I'm feeling good, I'm gonna work it on out<br>I'm feeling good, feeling so fine<br>Until tomorrow, but that's just some other time<br>I'm waiting for my man<br>I'm waiting for my man<br>I'm waiting for my man<br>Man-man-man-man-man-man-man

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