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Linda Ronstadt - Tú Sólo Tú

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written by Felipe Valdez Leal

Miro como ando mujer

Por tu querer

Borracho y apasionado

No más por tu amor.

Mira como ando mi bien

Muy dado a la borrachera

Y a la perdición.

Tú sólo tú

Has llenado de luto mi vida

Abriendo una herida en mi corazón

Tú... tú sólo tú

Eres causa de todo mi llanto

De mi descanto y desesperación.

Sólo tu sombra fatal

Sombra de mal

Me sigue por dondequiera

Con ostinación

Y por quererte olvidar

Me tiro a la borrachera

Y a la perdición.

Tu Solo Tu is a famous cancion ranchera

written by Felipe Valdez Leal. It was sung

by Pedro Infante as well as Las Hermanas

Padillas in the late 1930's, early 1940's.

A more contemporary version exists by

Maria Dolores Pradera, a favorite singer

of mine, who is from Spain. L.R.

You Only You

Look how I'm going around, woman

Because of your love

Drunk and impassioned

Only for your love.

Look how I'm going around, my love

Given to drinking

And utter ruin.

You... only you

Have filled my life with sorrow

Opening a wound in my heart

You... you only you

Are the cause of all my weeping

Of my disillusionment and desperation.

Only your fatal shadow

Shadow of evil

Stubbornly follows me

Wherever I go

And by trying to forget my love for you

I throw myself into drunkenness

And utter ruin.

© 1949 Promotura Hispana Americana de Música S.A.

Copyright renewed, all rights controlled by

Peer International Corp / BMI

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