Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt - Tata Dios

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written by Valeriano Trejo

Pónme mi vestido blanco

Aquel con que nos casamos

El doctor por más que le ande

Está muy lejos nuestro rancho

Ya no gastes en remedios

Ya mis fuerzas van mermando

Pónme mi vestido blanco

Tata Dios me está llamando

Tata Dios...

Todo se queda en silencio

Solo Juan le dice a ella:

Vieras que lindos jilotes

Se estan dando en la ladera

Pero ya no "quiero" nada

Voy a regalar la siembra

Tata Dios asi lo quiere

Y con Tata nadie juega

Tata Dios... Me está llamando

Father God

Put my white dress on me

The one I wore when we were married

The doctor has far to walk

Because our ranch is so far away

Don't waste your time on remedies

My strength is already leaving me

Put my white dress on me

Father God is calling me

Everything remains still

Only Juan is telling her:

See how pretty the cornstalks

Growing on the hillside

But now I don't want anything

I'm going to give away the seed

Father God wants it this way

And with Father nobody plays

Father God... is calling me

© 1956 Promotora Hispano Americana de Musica, S.A.

Copyright renewed. All rights controlled by Peer International Corp (BMI)

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