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Linda Ronstadt - Por Un Amor

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written by Gilberto Parra

Por un amor

Me desvelo y vivo apasionada;

Tengo on amor

Que en mi vida dej󠰡ra siempre amargo dolor.

Pobre de m퍊Esta vida mejor que se acabe

No es para mí®®.

Pobre de mí ¨ay coraz󮮮.)

Pobre de mí ¨no sufras má³®..

Cuá®´o sufre mi pecho

Que late tan solo por ti.

Por un amor

He llorado gotitas de sangre del coraz󮬍

Me has dejado con el alma herida

Sin compasi󮮮.

I learned this ballad by Gilberto Parra

from the singing of Lucha Reyes, who is

a cornerstone of Mexican female vocal

tradition. She recorded a most charming

version of it in the 1930's. L.R.

For A Love

written by Gilberto Parra

For a love

I can't sleep and I live full of passion

I have a love

That left forever in my life a bitter pain

Poor me

This life would be better if it would end

It's not for me.

Poor me (Ay, my heart...

Poor me (don't suffer any more...

How much my suffering in my breast

That throbs so alone for you.

For a love

I have cried little drops of blood from my heart,

You have left me with a wounded soul

Without compassion...

© 1942 Hnos. Marquez S.A. (EDI MUSA)

All rights controlled by

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