Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt - Mi Ranchito

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written by Felipe Valdez Leal

Allá al pie de la montaña

Donde temprano se oculta el sol

Quedó mi ranchito triste

Y abandonada ya mi labor

Ahi me pasé los años

Ahi encontré mi primer amor

Y fueron los desengaños

Los que mataron a mi ilusión

Ay... Corazón que te vas

Para nunca volver... No me digas adiós

Vuelve a alegrar con tu amor

El ranchito que fue

De mi vida ilusión

Mal haya los ojos negros

Que me embrujaron con su mirar

Si nunca me hubieran visto

No fueran causa de mi penar

My Little Ranch

Far away

At the foot of the mountain

Where the sun hides early

My sad little ranch is still there

My work abandoned

There, I passed the years

There, I found my first love

There, were the betrayals

The ones that killed my illusions

Oh heart

You left me

Don't tell me goodbye

Come back

To cheer up the little ranch

That was once my whole life's dream

Wicked one

Your black eyes bewitched me with their look

If I'd never seen them

They wouldn't have caused me such pain

© 1939 Peer International Corp (BMI)

Copyright renewed.

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