Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt - La Mariquita

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written by Rubén Fuentes

Mariquita se llamaba

La que vive junto al río

Tápame con tu rebozo

Que ya me muero de frío

Si porque me la llevé

Su mamá se me enojo; *

Ahora que me lleve a mi

A ver si me enojo yo

Mariquita dame un beso

Tu mamá me lo mandó

Mi mamá mandará a mi *

Pero es mi boquita yo *

La Mariquita (Lady Bug)

Mariquita she was called

The girl that lives by the river

Cover me with your shawl

Because I am dying of cold

Because I took her away

Her mother was mad at me

Now that she is the one who takes me away

Let's see if I get mad at her

Give me a kiss Mariquita

Your mother has ordered me to do so

My mother can give me orders

But she can't tell me who to kiss

Trio Voices- Linda Ronstadt, Mike Ronstadt, Pete Ronstadt

© 1991 Normal Music (BMI)

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