Linda Ronstadt

Linda Ronstadt - La Cigarra

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written by Ray Pérez y Soto

Ya no me cantes cigarra

Que acabe tu sonsonete

Que tu canto aquí en el alma

Como un puñal se me mete

Sabiendo que cuando cantas

Pregonado vas tu muerte.

Marinero marinero

Dime si es verdad que sabas

Porque distinguir no puedo

Si en el fondo de los mares

Hay otro color más negro

Que el color de mis pesares.

Un palomito al volar

Que llevaba el pecho herido

Ya casi para llorar

Me dijo muy afligido.

Ya me canso de buscar

Un amor correspondido.

Bajo la sombra de un árbol

Y al compás de mi guitarra

Canto alegre este huapango

Porque la vida se acaba

Y quiero morir cantando

Como muere la cigarra.

This huapango was written by

Ray Perez y Soto. It was recorded in the

1940's by Jorge Negrete when he sang with

the Trio Calaveras, and more recently by

Lola Beltran, who is, in my opinion, the

greatest voice to ever come out of Mexico.

The image of the wounded dove in the third

verse is a popular symbol; it is a

messenger of afflicted love. L.R.

The Cicada

Don't sing to me anymore, cicada

Let your singsong end

For your song, here in the soul

Stabs me like a dagger

Knowing that when you sing

You are proclaiming that you are

going to your death

Sailor, sailor

Tell me if it is true that you know

Because I cannot distinguish

If in the depth of the seas

There is another color blacker

Than the color of my sorrows.

A little dove upon flying

Bearing a wounded breast

Was about to cry

And told me very afflicted

I'm tired of searching for

A mutual love.

Under the shade of a tree

And to the beat of my guitar

I sing this "huapango" happily

Because my life is ending

And I want to die singing

Like the cicada dies.

© 1958 Promotura Hispana Americana de Música S.A.

Copyright renewed, all rights controlled by

Peer International

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