LIL MAMA - On & On & On

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On & on & on

On & on & on

On & on & on

I musta! Would you momma scream poppa?

…check this! always got the super…

Could speak in Chinese like…

When I speak.. two times watcha,

I’ve got so many balls

You would think I spend nights on the alley,

Eating balls all night.

Met a big dude, his name was balls all night,

These balls are garbage, it’s balls all right!

How you’re.. you ain’t right,

If you roll when you balls, then you’re balls seem right.

Right balls, sell these guys,

I got ‘em…

Gimmie a break, gimmie a break,

Gimmie a break for those candies…

..wanna be stars, really just actors, wanna be…

Talking about.. talking about class, the hallways late for my class.

Time to catch up..

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Thanks to madailui

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