LIL MAMA - Krazy

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Ok, tell me something I don’t know

When they stop talking, that’s when I worry

My flow cold from February to February, I’m legendary

Can’t trading to ya believing, I’m worry leave a message with my secretary

And I’ll get back with any worry, I never worry

I pop off like toes way ya chock on my gun smoke

Jump ship, you jump off

It’s just me and my …

Don’t talk slick like ya whores got more balls then this …

I flip, switch and …

You get bang all like pistols

I’m krazy, yey with a …like tells from the hood, like krazy K

I’m insane and ..brain like cepers …

I’m so New York, I’m underbody

On stage but I’m under body

They want me to be like mama D and be o n, put your head, I’ too delighted

In the club with pijamas on and for these whores I’m more ant Laurence

Kcrazy, anarange krazy …it’s the new orange

You just so occur that you’ll be bluffin’

You’re offin’, you’re puffin’, you ain’t saying nothin’

I hear you bro’s clocking, how is you stopping?

I hang over ….Antony Hopkins and shinin’ like Jack middle son

I’m the best, I’m the one,

I’m the one how flow all that, the …is missin’, I’m krazy

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