LED ZEPPELIN - Wearing & Tearing

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It starts out like a murmur<br>Then it grows like thunder<br>Until it bursts inside of you<br>Try to hold it steady<br>Wait until you're ready<br>Any second now will do<br>Throw the door wide open<br>Not a word is spoken<br>Anything that you want to do<br><br>Ya know, ya know, ya know...<br><br>Don't you feel the same way? <br>Don't you feel the same way? <br>But you don't know what to do<br>No time for hesitatin'<br>Ain't no time for hesitatin'<br>All you got to do is move<br>They say you're feeling blue, well<br>I just found a cure<br>It's a thing you gotta do, yeah<br><br>Ya know, ya know, ya know...<br><br>Now listen:<br>You say your body's aching? <br>I know that it's aching<br>Chill bumps come up on you<br>Yeah, the funny fool<br>I love the funny fool<br>? just like foolin' after school? <br>And then you ask for mediciation<br>Who cares for medication<br>When you've worn away the cure<br><br>Ya know, ya know, ya know...<br><br>Go back to the country<br>Yeah, go back to the country<br>Feel a change is good for you<br>When you keep convincin'<br>Ah, don't keep convincin'<br>What's that creeping up behind a you? <br>It's just an old friend<br>It's just an old friend<br>And what's that he's got for you? <br><br>Ya know, ya know, ya know...<br><br>Do your dance do your dance do your dance<br>Oooooh, medication<br>Medication!<br>Medication!

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