LED ZEPPELIN - Travelling Riverside Blues

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(johnson/page/plant)<br><br>Asked sweet mama, let me be her kid<br>She said, you might get hurt if you don't keep it hid<br><br>Well I know my baby, if I see her in the dark<br>I said I know my rider, if I see her in the dark<br><br>Now, I goin' to rosedale, take my rider by my side<br>Still barrelhouse, if it's on the riverside, yeah<br>I know my baby, lord, I said, is really sloppy drunk<br>I know my mama, lord, a brownskin, but she ain't no plum<br><br>See my baby, tell her, tell her hurry home<br>Had no lovin', since my baby been gone<br>See my baby, tell hurry on home<br>I ain't had, lord, my right mind, since my rider's been gone<br><br>Hey, she promises, she's my rider<br>I wanna tell you, she's my rider<br>I know you're mine, she's my rider<br>She ain't but sixteen, but she's my rider<br><br>I'm goin' to rosedale, take my rider by side<br>Anybody argue with me man, I'll keep them satisfied<br>Well, see my baby, tell her, tell her the shape I'm in<br>Ain't had no lovin', lord, since you know when<br><br>Spoken: why don't you come into my kitchen<br><br>She's a kindhearted lady. she studies evil all the time<br>She's a kindhearted woman. she studies evil all the time<br><br>Squeeze my lemon 'til the juice runs down my leg<br>Squeeze it so hard, I'll fall right out of bed<br>Squeeze my lemon, 'til the juice runs down my leg<br><br>Spoken: I wonder if you know what I'm talkin' about<br><br>Oh, but the way that you squeeze it girl<br>I swear I'm gonna fall right out of bed<br><br>She's a good rider<br>She's my kindhearted lady<br>I'm gonna take my rider by my side<br>I said her front teeth are lined with gold<br>She's gotta mortgage on my body, got a lien on my soul<br>She's my brownskin sugar plum...

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