LED ZEPPELIN - Trampled Under Foot

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Grease me straight down, good electric<br>I could lay it on the road, mama, it ain't no trick<br><br>Talkin' 'bout love<br>Talkin' 'bout love<br>Talkin' 'bout<br><br>Ooh, trouble-free transmission, helps your oil's flow<br>Mama, let me pump your gas, mama, let me do it all<br><br>Talkin' 'bout love, huh<br>Talkin' 'bout love, ooh<br>Talkin' 'bout<br><br>Take that heavy metal underneath your hood<br>Baby, I could work all night, leave a big pile of tubes<br><br>Talkin' 'bout lo-ove<br>Talkin' 'bout lo-ove<br>Talkin' 'bout<br><br>Automobile club-covered, really built in style<br>Special is tradition, mama, let me feast my eyes<br><br>Talkin' 'bout love<br>Talkin' 'bout love<br>Talkin' 'bout<br><br>Factory air-conditioned, wind begins to rise<br>Guaranteed to run for hours, mama, and brand-new tires<br><br>Talkin' 'bout love<br>Talkin' 'bout love<br>Talkin' 'bout<br><br>Groovin' on the freeway, blazes on the road<br>]from now on my gasoline is even gonna conk your hair<br><br>Talkin' 'bout love<br>Talkin' 'bout love<br>Talkin' 'bout<br><br>I can't stop talkin' about<br>I can't stop talkin' about<br><br>Ooh, yeah-yeah, yes, ah, drive on<br><br>Ooh, yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yes, I'm comin' through<br><br>Come to me for service every hundred miles<br>Baby, let me check your valves, fix your overdrive<br><br>Talkin' 'bout love<br>Talkin' 'bout love<br>Talkin' 'bout<br><br>Ooh, yes, fully automatic, comes in any size<br>Makes me wonder what I did, before I got synchronized<br><br>Talkin' 'bout lo-ove<br>Talkin' 'bout love<br>Talkin' 'bout<br><br>Ooh, feather-light suspension, coils just couldn't hold<br>I'm so glad I took a look inside your showroom doors<br><br>Talkin' 'bout love<br>Talkin' 'bout lo-oo-oh-ove<br>Talkin' 'bout<br><br>Oh yeah, oh yeah<br><br>Oh, I can't stop talkin' about love<br>I can't stop talkin' about love<br>Ooh, let me go in down, go in down, go in down, go in down, go in down, yes<br><br>I can't stop talkin' about<br>I can't stop talkin' about lo-oh', baby<br>I can't stop talkin' about love, or my baby<br>I can't stop talkin' about love, my baby, uh, my baby, my baby, yeah<br><br>Unnh, push, push, push it, push, push<br><br>Ounheahhonhouh

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