LED ZEPPELIN - The Wanton Song

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(page/plant)<br><br>Silent woman in the night, you came, took my seed from my shaking frame.<br>Same old fire, another flame, and the wheel rolls on.<br><br>Silent woman through the flames, you come, from the deep behind the sun<br>Seems my nightmares, have just begun<br>Left me barely holding on.<br><br>With blazing eyes you see my trembling hand.<br>When we know the time has come<br>Lose my senses, lose command<br>Feel your healing rivers run<br><br>Is it every time I fall, that I think this is the one<br>In the darkness can you hear me call<br>Another day has just begun.<br><br>Silent woman, my face is changed<br>Some know in ways to come.<br>Feel my fire needs a brand new flame<br>And the wheels rolls on.... rolls on.

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