LED ZEPPELIN - The Song Remains The Same

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I had a dream<br>Oh, yeah<br>Crazy dream, uh-huh.<br>Anything I wanted to know<br>Any place I needed to go<br><br>Hear my song<br>Yeah...people don't you listen now? sing along!<br>Oh, you don't know what you're missing now.<br>Any little song that you know<br>Everything that's small has to grow.<br>And it has to grow!<br>Push push, yeah!<br><br>California sunlight, sweet calcutta rain<br>Honolulu starbright--the song remains the same. ooh! ooh!<br>Here we go!<br><br>Honolulu now...<br>Sing out hare hare, dance the hoochie koo.<br>City lights are oh so bright, as we go sliding<br>Sliding<br>Sliding through.<br><br>Oh!

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