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(we've done four already but now we're steady and then they went:<br>One, two, three, four)<br><br>Singing in the sunshine, laughing in the rain<br>Hitting on the moonshine, rocking in the grain<br>Ain't no time to pack my bag, my foots outside the door<br>Got a date, I can't be late, for the high hopes hailla ball.<br>'got a hell hound on my t(r)ail'<br>'cause it's hell I'm headed for'<br>(no one really knows which one it is)<br><br>Uh-huh! oh oh yeah!<br><br>Singing to an ocean, I can hear the ocean's roar<br>Play for free, play for me and play a whole lot more, more!<br>Singing 'bout good things and the sun that lights the day<br>I used to sing on the mountains, then the ocean lost it's way.<br>I've been there (I don't know? )<br>Oh oh yeah!<br><br>Oh, yeah!<br><br>Na na na..., la la la...<br><br>Sitting round singing songs til the night turns into day<br>Used to sing on the mountains but the mountains washed away<br>Now I'm singing all my songs to the girl who won my heart<br>She is only three years old and it's a real fine way to start.<br>Oh yeah!<br><br>It sure is fine!<br>Blow my mind!<br>]](he's saying _something_ here)<br>Yeah yeah!<br><br>Do wop a diddly diddly........<br><br>Oh, so good!

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