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I see the writing

On the wall

I see you baby

Gonna make you feel small

Sweet darlin'

Ooh you gotta be mine

I'm gonna love you baby

For about a hours time

Cause I'm a man

Spelled m

Spelled a

Spelled n

Yes I'm a man

I'm a man


I was motivated

Back in town

I saw a cadillac sign sayin'

No money down

So I eased my breaks

And I pulled in my ford

I've gotta have that car

I go ridin' down the road

Mmm let me say it again

Ahh yeah let me tell you again

When I was a little boy

A-not but five years old

A-my mother told me son

A-you got a lotta lovin' in the fold

'cause you gonna be a man

A-you're gonna be a man

A-you're gonna be a mana you're gonna be be be a man

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