LED ZEPPELIN - BabyCome on Home

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There was a timeI used to call you on my very own

We were so happy womantalkin' for hours and hours on the telephone

Then one dayI set you up to walk right outta my life

Leavin' me all by myselfall aloneto cry every night

(babe...) ooohI want you to come back home yeah (come on home)

(oooh yeah) sweet little girl (ooh yeahbeen gone so long)

Been away so long

Now listen to me: I said I made up my mind

Woman when you left me thereoh

I was gonna find another sweet lover

Who's gonna feel all of my... cares

So I met a sweet little girljust about as nice as she could beoh

I fell in love with that womanbut she turned around

And did the same thing again to me...

(babe...) babyplease come home (come on home) hoome yeah...

I know(ya been gone too long) been away so long

(babe...) I want you to please come homeoh (come on hooome...)

So I made up my mindI gonna crawl right back to you woman

I'm gonna plead and plead and pleadyeah'till you're here by my side

I can't even walk down the same old streets we used to walk down

'cause I keep thinkin about all the good times

Keep thinkin' about itI wanna make you mine

Babebabebabeplease (come on homeyeah) (come on home)

(you've been gone too long)

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